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Dykkerselskabet Viking
We offer a full range of construction and maintenance services from marine harbor structures and foundations, to industrial and heavy civil works.

Marine Structures and Coastal Engineering

Our staff of first-line professionals has earned a reputation for dependability and excellence in workmanship and performance.

DYKKERSELSKABET VIKING has provided marine and coastal engineering expertise to clients with services ranging from site evaluation studies to final design and construction of facilities. These facilities include various forms of shoreline protection such as seawalls, groynes, breakwaters and revetments to ports, harbours and marinas. For port and marine engineering projects, DYKKERSELSKABET VIKING assembles a pre-planning team that provides expertise to examine marine transportation trends, types of cargo to be handled. On the basis of the requirements of our clients and our examination of the site, DYKKERSELSKABET VIKING develops detailed designs for all required facilities, administering the contract and the implementation of the project on a construction management basis.

Tug Services

DYKKERSELSKABET VIKING`s Tugs are an essential port service, enabling big unwieldy ships to be handled into small spaces, hauling very large vessels through locks and protecting them against the unexpected wind or tide that could sweep them out of a channel, or bang them against a quay or another ship. Our tug skippers are fine ship handlers, who can work with pilots and operate as a team to handle big ships safely. They escort tankers in and out of oil ports, ready to act as an emergency brake and rudder if there is trouble with the tanker's engines or steering gear.

november 1. 2009.

Underwater wet welding

In-situ repairs can be performed using wet and dry welding techniques to:

Repair rudders, stern planes or dihedrals; Install vertical stabilizers and running gear locking plates to support towing operations

Submarine stern planes, rudders, and dihedrals can be cost effectively repaired using wet welding procedures for steel materials with high carbon equivalence (greater than 0.40 for most carbon steels). While these types of repairs are considered temporary, due to exposure and possible moisture absorption of internal materials, underwater repair of these components prevents further damage and prevents costly emergency dry-docking. This allows the fleet more flexibility to support condition based maintenance.

A key ingredient to Vikings's underwater ship husbandry package is a team of engineers dedicated to providing innovative solutions and operational support in all phases of the ship husbandry process. Engineering services include:

-Turn-Key Project Management;
-Underwater Ship Repair Work Packages;
-Job-site Technical Support, In- water Quality Control and Immediate Project Documentation;
-Underwater Welding Procedure Development and Qualification;
-Underwater Ship Husbandry Procedure Development;
-Special Underwater Tool or Equipment Design and Fabrication;
-Computerized Inspection Database Capabilities;
-Ship Design Input to Reduce Life Cycle Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair Costs

november 1 . 2009.